arabica & robusta coffee from bali highland


We serve you, high quality Arabica and Robusta coffee. Grown and cultivated in the highlands of the island of Bali. Natural flavors and aromas with their own uniqueness. Produced from the organic growing process, with the correct harvesting produces high quality coffee that is indulgent.

Our Coffee Plantations

The premium coffee we offer comes from traditional community plantations in three areas with different heights and different habitats. Organic cultivation process and correct harvesting process. So that each has different characteristics of coffee taste and aroma.

Robusta Umejero

Arabica Cemara

Arabica Tamblingan

Coffee Farming Story

Coffee producer since colonialism

The areas of Munduk and Umejero villages have been coffee producers since the colonial period. The VOC, which at that time brought coffee varieties to be planted in this area, had even built a coffee research and nursery center known as Lembau (est. 1903). Robusta coffee is the first coffee grown in this region. Even today, our grandfather still has a coffee tree left by the VOC, known as Kopi Excelza. Perhaps due to the elevation of the land and the unique natural environment, coffee produced from this area has become a leading commodity other than coffee from Aceh and East Java. From this hereditary experience, coffee farmers in this area have advantages and qualities.


without artificial pesticides

Red Pick Harvest

quality ripe coffee beans

100% Organic

use manure for fertilization


Coffee Plantation among Cloves, Umejero Village

Coffee has become part of the Umejero culture. Since the 1970s, when the concept of indigenous peoples’ plantations changed in the Umejero (Nyatur Desa) area, where cloves became the main commodity. The existence of coffee was still maintained as a soil binder as well as the second income. Apparently, the existence of coffee among these clove plantations has brought the unique character of this TOP Umejero Robusta Coffee.

From this area, we produce the following Coffee product:


Superior Varieties of Robusta Coffee. A masterpiece of Grandpa Witaya 2018-2021

In 1974, Grandpa Witaya (Maestro Umejero) has developed TOP Robusta coffee which has been widely grown by the local community today. Now he is back at work developing new robusta coffee varieties that produce coffee faster. Generally coffee trees take 5 years to bear fruit. Since 2018, he has developed organic robusta coffee which only takes 3.5 years to bear fruit.


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